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Audiology & Hearing Aids

Audiology Department

We offer comprehensive hearing testing for all ages. Hearing difficulties may be related to medically treatable conditions, such as fluid behind the eardrums or “plugging” due to wax buildup. Usually, these conditions can be easily resolved here in our office. Other types of hearing loss can be due to age or noise exposure.

You might see our audiologist for a variety of reasons, including:

  • hearing loss
  • tinnitus (ringing or other noises in your ears)
  • vertigo & dizziness

Many times an audio test, or audiogram, is used to help the doctor make his diagnosis.

Hearing Aid Department

While no one looks forward to using hearing aids, the good news is that state-of-the-art aids use the latest digital technology in tiny units which are often essentially hidden in the ear canal when being used. Devices can range from simple FM devices which plug into the TV, to the latest Bluetooth technology allowing connection to your phone and other devices.

Free Evaluations

If you’re ready to talk about your hearing aid options, we are apply to assist. We offer hearing aid evaluations at no cost to you. Please call our office for more information.


If your hearing aid has a broken part, has stopped working at it’s best, or stopped working at all, we are happy to help you get it fixed as quickly as possible.


We can offer on-site adjustments to help your hearing aid work at its best.

Many Options

Mountain Regional Ear, Nose & Throat works with several manufacturers to find the best option for your lifestyle and specific hearing loss. We work with Starkey, Oticon, Seimens/Signa, Rexton, and Phonak hearing aid companies.

Musician Earmolds

We are happy to be able to produce custom ear-molds for in-ear monitors. Custom ear-molds ensure a perfect fit for musicians and singers. Contact our office for more information.

Custom Ear Plugs

If you need custom-fit ear plugs, for medical or industrial purposes, we are happy to provide this service.

Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Your Hearing is Important!

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