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Voice Center

Dr. Pickens performing a videostroboscopy on a patient.


Most everyone has experienced a few days of hoarseness due to a cold or overuse of your voice. The most common cause is a small amount of irritation or swelling in the voice box, at the top of the windpipe immediately behind the Adam’s apple. This type of hoarseness usually goes away rather quickly and usually doesn’t warrant an extra trip to the doctor’s office. However, hoarseness lasting more than two weeks needs evaluation by an ear, nose and throat specialist.


The best method of evaluating disorders of the voice is by a simple, painless office procedure known as videostroboscopy. Mountain Regional Ear, Nose and Throat, PA utilizes this latest technology to diagnose and treat these complex problems.


Treatment of voice problems may range from a short course of oral antibiotics, speech therapy as prescribed by our physician, medicines to reduce stomach acid, dietary changes, or on occasion an outpatient surgical procedure.

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